About us


ideagolf offers comprehensive services in the design of golf courses

We are a Golf course design company based in Spain. A multidisciplinary group of professionals of different nationalities who has gathered experience in the Middle East, Africa, Europe and Asia and now ready to expand our designs and golf ideas into the Latin American market.

Why working with us?

Great professionalism and a special orientation to the needs of our clients allow us to offer creative solutions and develop golf concepts for all.

Our Design Philosophy

ideagolf aim is to create enjoyable golf courses. Creative layouts, clever strategic playing concepts on each golf hole and adequate detail design for each location are not synonymous of lengthy golf courses and expensive design fees and construction budgets. If golf is not profitable for the developer we will not see new courses. This is the reality! And which golf course architect cannot create a great golf course in a stunning location with unlimited budget?

The challenge is to adjust the budget to the client wills and design and construct a golf course where the golfers can have a good time. Sometimes we all forget that this is a game!

Golf course design education combined with many hours of work will drive ideagolf to an imaginative solution to challenge the skills of all golfers. Designing several tees per hole, varied playing angles, correct sizes of greens on each situation, strategic location and shapes of the hazards and creative contouring for the complete golf course will achieve less expensive solution for the client than the common solution of more area, more length and more water requirements to create a challenging layout. If the player feels the willing of replying the course after finishing each round we would have achieved our goal!

Integrate the golf course to the chosen location requires the use of local materials, local flora and an intensive ecological study of the site. Environmental issues will be always taken into consideration during all the design and construction stages. Golf courses should protect and improve the ecosystems as the site always give us great opportunities to do it on undisturbed areas between golf holes and around the lakes inside the golf course boundary.

Golf courses, golfers and respect for the nature have been always hardly related. Unfortunately, golf course architects and ecologists are still finding their way. It does not exist any sport with more direct contact with the nature than golf, but golf is a game that needs to follow some rules and requires certain playing conditions. Ideagolf, with its professional golf architecture, will closely work with experienced local ecological adviser to achieve satisfactory results for all the parts involved.

Ideagolf knows the business and the importance of respecting the budget, design and construction schedules and deadlines. We are focus on the client success.