Creativity in the layout, strategic design and proper attention to detail

Golf must protect and even improve existing ecosystems by integrating the route to the landscape. In ideagolf we emphasize the environment during the design and construction of the field.
The areas of the field, outside the play areas, allow the coexistence between the local flora and fauna and the game of golf.


Facilitating all processes

From the choice of the optimal terrain to the delivery of the project

Choice of terrain and type of course
Design. From the master to the detail
Construction supervision and follow-up
Remodeling and updating of existing golf courses

Projects in which we have participated

Our experience at HG has allowed us to work on various projects located all around the world.

A multidisciplinary group of professionals of different nationalities, with work experience in the Middle East, Africa, Europe and Asia, ready to share our knowledge in the design of golf courses.


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