A complete range of services that adapts to all needs

We work with a select group of golf course designers, builders and landscapers to ensure that the golf course design process, from the initial concept to the end of the project, is fluid and uninterrupted.

0+ Initial inspection
Site inspection with the Client followed by a report including evaluation of the physical site, constrains, opportunities, advises and recommendations in order to move to the next step.
0 Master planning
Close collaboration with the urban architects to develop a complete site Master plan including golf course boundary, residential areas and all the briefed elements of the project.
0 Golf Course Masterplan
Access point, location of the Club House and maintenance area, golf course layout, location and shape of hazards, planting concept and scorecard. Provisional water requirements can be provided after this stage.
0 Golf Course Design
Staking out plan, general contouring, detailed contouring of tees, greens and bunkers, drainage plans, cart path layout, planting, irrigation and the construction details to go to tender.
0 Remodeling and updating of existing courses
The passage of time and the new materials in golf equipment make necessary the renovation of old courses.
0 Specifications
Detailed material and construction methods to ensure the quality of the golf course as required by ideagolf.
0 Bill of Quantities
All the items quantities shown in the tender and construction plans as described in the specifications.
0 Construction Supervision
Daily construction supervision and monthly site visits of the architect until final completion of the golf construction.
0 Miscellaneous
Initial Budget price for the golf development. Provide contact of contractors and shapers. Technical analysis of the tender bids.